There is a lot for you to enjoy by yourself. You can take the kayaks and explore the mangroves on your own, you can enjoy the beautiful crystal waters as you swim in the creek, you can go snorkeling, the reef is just in front of the cabins. If you enjoy fishing you can do so, in the open sea, in the harbor or of your deck or dock.

A local grocery store just seconds across from your cabin and other stores just 2 to 3 minutes away, anything you may need can be found at one or the other.Upon arrival you will be welcomed at the air port. on our to way to your relaxing vacation cabin we will make a stop to Eldon’s super market.

If you want to rent a car,¬†although¬†not necessary, we have secured parking available. How ever, if you choose not to rent a car, once a week I will take you down to Eldon’s if you need something that you can’t find at the local stores or if you need to go to the bank.

While on your vacation at “Hill View Cabins”, I want to help meet all of your needs so you feel right at home.